Thursday, April 2, 2009


There was another phone call last night with my name in it! Yup, to the Day Care with me!

Mom said when she asked if I could come play the lady who answered the phone went YAY! It's really tough to have a fan club you know. Pei laughter.

Nothing else is new here, sorry guys, it's just not that interesting. Oh! Wait! My Uncle Ryan showed up yesterday! I haven't seen him in a long time, I made sure he knew that this was my house but I was happy to see him. Sorry no pictures, Mom wasn't with it yesterday. Too tired she says. She should have had a nap with me I tell ya.

Oh, I made sure to give Mom extra cuddles this morning, just to help her through the day. Again, no pictures, probably because she had her arms around me and Dad doesn't use he camera. Pei laughter.

Sniff ya later!


AB clan said...

Hello Bolo

No pictures from us....too busy said Uncle's U
That's O.K. we need intimacy too...

ViVi & AB

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Have a great time at daycare!

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Bolo
Have fun visiting your fan club.
Love Ruby & Penny

Daisy Dog said...

Have fun at daycamp!