Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I really should come up with more interesting titles but honestly, today is not the day. I'm going to spend today like this, hopefully with Mommy nearby:

Why do you ask? Because of this:

That white stuff there? Two days in a row now we've had that. I thought it was supposed to be spring. Blech.

Mom says Dad is going to come home at lunch and I get to drive him back to work. So I'm going to rest up for that. Maybe I can convince Mom that she needs to nap with me. Morning naps with Mom are fun.

Still hoping spring shows up soon.

Sniff ya later!


tnbullterrors said...

We got that white junk at our house too this morning! And it's cold, cold, COLD! We've been lookin for a new secretary over at our blog, and thinking about moving our blog to blogspot. Not sure yet. Have a good nap.

Feather, Darla & Pappy, the TN Bull Terrors

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Oh man! That's just not fair, Bolo! We hope napping and cuddles will help a little.

Your FRiends,
Tommy and The Girls

Mango said...

Yuckers! Enough with the snow already. Poor Bolo.


Pippa said...

Oh dear. :( We have lots of sun here right now and it is warming up, perhaps I should send you some of our nice sunny weather.

Always good to nap though.

daisydog said...

Bolo you know how to drive? Wow better be careful driving in that snow!