Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tally Pei Day!

I don't know about your pawrents, but mine often go Tally Ho! before we head out on Adventures. Today Mom said Tally Pei! So it's Tally Pei Day!

I got to do this:

but from the FRONT SEAT! The view is so much better there. But I really missed my window.

We drove Daddy's breakfast to work, but not Daddy. That was a little confusing. I did manage to sneak nose kisses as payment for bringing breakfast to him. Especially the Sacred Coffee. I'm the bestest apparently. Gee it's tough to be me.

The only bad part was that it was raining so I really didn't want to explore anything. It would have involved getting wet. Maybe I can nap the rain away.

Sniff ya later!


Brownie said...

Boo for raining! I hope your next outing is filled with good weather. :)

Chloe and Libby said...

Oh Bolo, I'm sooo there about the napping during rainy days. I don't want to melt, so I don't go out in the rain unless I just can't hold my business any longer.
It's nice and sunny here in Ohio so I'll do some exploring for you as well today.

River said...

A breakfast run is fun as long as you nap afterwards! I would avoid the rain. It's like getting a bath.

love & wags,

hero said...

Hi Bolo, you're definitely the bestest there is for bringing daddy his breakie... and those rain is a real bummer.