Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teaching Tuesday!

Welcome back to Teaching Tuesday! Today's lesson is on Snoopervising with distractions - this includes Snoopervising with your eyes closed.

I started my Snoopervising very early on in life. The picture above is me on my second day with Mom and Dad, I was maybe 4 months old. They were busy doing something but I needed to Snoopervise. It would have been a lot easier if I hadn't been in the kennel, but if I remember correctly, Dad was teaching Swordfighting, not safe for little puppies to be running around during a swordfighting class. Someone make a note of that, it's an important safety tip.

For those that need to know, which I think is everyone, you can Snoopervise while getting cuddles. Take a peek at the picture above. That's Grandma giving me scratches. She has nice nails so they were really good scratches. You can see I'm not watching Mom and her camera, my eyes were on Grandad, he was doing something interesting and I had to be ready to jump in and help, because that's what Snoopervisers do on occasion.

And now onto the tricky one! Snoopervising with your eyes closed! People don't realize this but a dog's hearing is actually quite better than a human's. Sure we may not always come when called. It's not that we can't hear you, it's that we're independant beings with opinions of our own and we don't want to go see you at the moment. Snoopervising with your eyes closed involes good listening skills AND good sniffing skills. Snoopervising with your eyes closed could very well involve food being around. You never know. The above picture shows me Snoopervising with my eyes closed AND with a distraction. This is an Advanced Technique. Feel free to try it, but remember not to get too distracted. You're there to Snoopervise!

I think that's it for today. Remember that if you want to send me pictures of you doing Snoopervisory work, I can be reached at bolo (at) magma (dot) ca

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess I'll talk tomorrow about my excitement over Grandma and Grandad's visit!


pam said...

I can't believe how much you look like my sister!!! She is a snooper too! Amazing...


The Beasts- Royal, Brock, Alki & Iggy said...

wowzers you are a pro snoopervisor!!! Alki is the only one here who can snoopervise with her eyes closed. shes pretty good!!

thanks for the lesson, we will keep practicing!

tail wags,
The Beasts

AB clan said...

"Avec Bolo rien n'est à va l'eau"
It can help promoting your snoopervisation?

ViVi & AB

Brownie said...

what a great lesson! I need to go work on my snoopervising now. :)

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

We likes to lay on the kitchen floor to snoopervise. That way, we get a cool tile floor on a hot day, and we can catch any crumbs that mommee might drop for us.

Gus and Waldo

Chloe and Libby said...

My mommy must have gotten really distracted and forgot to send pictures of me snoopervising. I am quite good at it with or without distractions. I will get on her to send some to you.
Chloe(oh yeah and kisses to ya big guy!)