Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's raining. Blech.

Can someone do something about that? Mom tried, but all we got was a minute without rain so that I could go from the car to the house without getting too wet - until I got under the tree. Then the squirrels made the tree shake and I got wet again. It's been a rough day.

It did start off better than it sounds. Dad woke me up with cuddles. That's one of the best ways to wake up EVER!

OK, Mom says she needs to feed the Puppy so I have to get off the computer so I can go sharking. Pei laughter.

Sniff ya later!


Corbin said...

It's raining here too... mega bummer. Rained all day yesterday too. Let me know when you figure out how to stop it!

Lola said...

Rained all day here, too and we still have all kinds of bad weather alerts going on. I hate that, but inside is nice.

lotsa licks, Lola