Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Woes and Wonders


Chingmy here!

The most AWFUL thing happened this weekend.  Mom took me out for a walk IN THE RAIN!

I've read Mr. Bolo's Blog Post, I know Shar Peis are made out of sugar.  I could have melted away!
I gave her a look that said, "Make it stop!" but she couldn't!  It was DEVASTATING!

It was quite fun when we got to the store though.  Mom put me in the blue shopping cart!  I didn't get to meet any doggies but I certainly got a LOT of lovin' from people!  And the whole staff of the PetSmart know me now.  I walk in and they say "Hi Chingmy!"

Mom says we start gardening Monday.  Isn't that right Mom?  (Mom here, Puppy Kindergarten starts Monday)  Yeah, what she said.  She said we needed TREATS.  Of course, then I had to taste test everything when I got home.  I might have to post a review after gardening .  (Mom: Kindergarten!)

So there we were, Mom and I, reading all our blog friend blogs when we come to The Poupounette who say they've given me an award!

Oh my DOG!  What do I do with an award?

Oh?  Really?  I need to pass it on to 5 friends. 

Uhm I'm a little embarrassed to ask, do I have 5 friends? 

The Poupounette - but they're the ones who sent it.  So uhm, maybe I can send it to:
Miss Honey Great Dane
Mr. Dexter Wonderdog
Benny and Lily Bulldog
Mr. Mitch and Miss Molly Airedale
Mr. Gummi Wrigglebutt

Is that 5?  I can't really count yet you know.

Ok, I'd better nap if I have to kindergarten (Hap-pei Mom?) tomorrow.

Chingmy Kisses!

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