Friday, August 22, 2008

Bolo's Friday Weather Report and Other Adventures

Dun da da dah! Welcome to another edition of Bolo's Friday Weather Report and Other Adventures. I'm your host, Bolo. As you can see, the day is looking blue and awesome! I suggest everyone find a sunbeam and meditate in it.I, being the dedicated pei-fessional photographer's model, had to work. Actually, I had to be coaxed to work. In fact, I don't think I've gotten my payment for working yet. Mommy? You owe me a cookie! I really should ask for payment up front. Pei sigh.
Hang on Mom, let me get into position. Sigh.

Ohhhhhh! I'm a little shar pei short and cute....

There's the money shot. It's all about the nose pei-bies!

Regal and dignified. I need a crown. I think I look very royal. With just a bit of an Elvis twist to my lip. That could be the shadows though. Hail to the King pei-by!

Well, I'm done working for the day, no, that's not true. I still need to patrol the backyard a few more times today and bark at the people who leave papers at the door that Mommy then takes and walks from the front door right to the recycling bin at the back door. She really should just have them drop it in the recycling bin to begin with. Maybe if I'm lucky, Uncle Brett will come over and I can show him how great a pei-fessional model I am.

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess, I know Maggie and Mitch are off on vacation, have fun guys! We'll miss you while you're gone! Oh yeah, and Mommy and I want Oorvi to know that she has a really nice curly tail. No! I'm not flirting with her! I just like her tail, the way everyone likes my nose. Sheesh!

ETA: Would you look at this! I'm a double medalist!


Lenny said... are golden! Medal #3!!! Congratulations! Come check it out!

Your friend, Lenny

River said...

I knew you would win. I knew it!! Congratulations! That is an incredible picture. I still think you're singing OHHHHK-lahoma. Best to ask for peiment up front for any work--or at least negotiate for half. Looks like the weather will be nice there--hope you have a great weekend!

love & wags,

The Newmarket Gang said...

Hurray for Bolo's second Gold Medal!

Lorenza said...

Congratulations Bolo!
Kisses and hugs

oorvi said... are magnificent! Yet another medal! You do your country and your friends proud:)

There's a little piece of news on my front too...

I've been nominated for the Awesome Blog award (BoneZone at DWB.) Opy made a post about it on my blog, so I went there and found that a dog needs to be referred by an existing BoneZone member, only then he or she can become a member.

I saw that you are a member of BoneZone - May I request you to please introduce me by sending an email to Opy? Lots n lots of thankful licks in advance:)...And while you are there, you may want to paw your vote in (of course, provided you think that I deserve it:))

Licks n Wags n Thanks n Congratulations once again:)


Willow the Black Dale said...

Ok Bolo I think I am jealous of you. Every time you do a photo shoot....mommy makes me come and see how well you behave for them. She says Bolo this and Bolo that and Bolo poses and Bolo Bolo BOLO!!!! Now you are my pawsome pal but ssheesh that mom of mine won't let it go. I have other talents I tell her!! She says your ears at attention with a smile is the bestest picture. Now do I top that one???