Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh my DOG!

I need everyone to hit Lenny's Site to see this. It's the International Bone Relay! Lenny and his Family did a PAWESOME job!

The Canadian team starts at 3:04 and I'm at 3:08. Pei Laughter. But watch it all at least once because it's worth watching. And I saw a lot of my friends too! Maggie and Mitch I was able to pick you out! Oorvi, you looked great! And Charlie Daniels, you looked just devilish!

For those who needed a closeup of my Bone Relay Picture, here it is!Thank you so much Lenny and Family! I feel all pumped for the Games now!

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess, I forgot to say I saw Lorenza too, representing Mexico! Well done Lorenza!


Lenny said...

Thanks for posting the link, Pei!
It was great to have such a distinctive looking dog carrying the bone for Canada!

Your friend, Lenny

oorvi said...

Hi Bolo,

I saw you in the relay and came sniffing:)

About that nose...
well, two days from now I'll be posting something especially for your cute nose:)

All the best for Pawlimpics!

Licks n Wags,

Maggie and Mitch said...

We saw you in Lenny's video too, Bolo, which BTW was outstanding! We're feel so honored to be a part of the bone relay!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Newmarket Gang said...

Congratulations Bolo for representing Canada (and Ontario) in the Pawlympic International Bone Relay!

Charlie Daniels said...

Hey I say you too Bolo. I know we are representing different countries, but I sorta feel like we are on the same team! :-)



River said...

You look handsome and very fit carrying that bone like you're ready for a marathon (of some kind bol).

love & wags,