Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Late Night Adventures!

I wanted to write this last night but I was just exhausti-pei-ted. I had to go pick up Mommy from work last night! It was an ADVENTURE! Are you comfy? It's a good story.

Off we went, to pick up Mommy. Daddy waved at her when we got there and she came out to see how I was doing, I kissed her nose, lucky her, and Daddy said we'd wait for her in the car after our Adventure. Here's where the fun began. Not that kissing Mommy's nose isn't fun, but you understand.

First we crossed the bridge west of Mommy's workplace and we saw a train going by under us. Daddy was a bit more excited than I was about this. If it had been at eye level with me, maybe I would have been more interested, but my nose was sniffing other things.

We walked down to a little antique shop to look through the window, again, Daddy was a bit more impressed about this than I was. We turned around and started walking back. We went past two young people who were loading up a van and I barked at them. They were a little confused about me. As we were crossing over the bridge, my nose went into OOO! mode.

I smelled something so interesting and I had to bark to let Daddy know there was something down there that I wanted him to identify. Daddy said they were city raccoons. Daddy said they were probably getting close to 50lbs each. I just kept barking and one of them climbed up a telephone pole in the middle of nowhere. The second one looked at us for a bit and then decided his buddy had the right idea and he ran up the telephone pole too. Both of them were peeking around the telephone pole, black masks showing, trying not to look guilty and failing.

I left there with a smile on my face. I'm a good boy aren't I? Booker, I got inspired to do this just from reading your blog! It's a good thing we're friends. What do you think of my technique?

Anyway, we got back to the car and waited for Mommy. She came out, we came home telling her all about our adventures as Daddy drove, and I got cuddles before we all went to sleep. Not sure what I'm going to do today to top that excitement, but I'll figure something out.

Sniff ya later!


Booker the Treeing Walker said...

OH WWOOOWHOOOO WHOOOO I am so glad that Booker is the first to comment, because he is deeply appreciative of your effort! Giant 50-pound city raccoons? WOW ... and they must be getting thicker coats by now too! Be careful - they might look cute, but they've got attitudes! I don't think H-Mom would ever have gotten me home if I had been with you!

River said...

You did really good, Bolo! You have graduated to coonhound level. Those coons sound MONSTROUS. I'm with Booker--you would NOT have gotten me away from there. Peis are dignified and obedient, hounds are nuts on a scent and DO NOT LISTEN NOR CARE if someone is yelling at them. It is very exciting to scent a coon, glad you had a chance to do so!

love & wags,

Gaia the Airedale said...

Aww its a shame you didnt get to chase any of those racoons! Im sure they would be a delightful catch!! It was a good story too Bolo, you were right hehe!

puppy breath,