Friday, October 17, 2008

A Sad Day

Mommy's crying. I tried to comfort her, but she just cries harder

She's very sad to hear about Booker. So am I.

Is it wrong to hope that the people who treated Booker so badly in the past have something nasty happen to them?

Booker's Mom and Family, we wish you hadn't had to go through this. We want you to know that we'll always remember Booker as a friendly, loveable, looks-great-on-a-leather-couch guy.

Now excuse me, I need to find a racoon to tree in his honour.

Sniff ya later

Pei-Ess, Mommy had something to say about this too. You can read it here.


Sen and Tom said...

We're just SO Lucky, aren't we, Bolo? To have been born in the places we were, and to have been found by our families before anyone ever had the chance to hurt us.

Your Pal,

Eduardo said...

I can't believe it! Not my Booker! don't wan't to be mean & wish something on those people but maybe I should!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

We didn't know Booker before. Mom just read all about him. It is very sad. Take comfort in knowing Booker is at peace now.
Mom wants to do a post about this. She had a well bred, well treated doberman from puppyhood that-long story short-had to be put down at age 2 after attacking her-she turned out to have a brain lesion. It is heartbreaking to know there is simply nothing to be done sometime. We will never know if Booker was this way because of humans or a defect.
Whatever it was it is very sad for all the humans, and peace has come to a troubled dog.
Please Don't cry Bolo. Booker is happy now.

River said...

Everytime my mom thinks about it she cries. Booker was such a beautiful animal and way too young to have to go. But this was the best decision for the h-family and for him. We know he will be okay at the Bridge.

love & wags,

Lorenza said...

Yes, it is a sad day.
Kisses and hugs

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our hearts are breaking for Booker's family! This is so sad.

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

Hello. Thank you for the lovely memorial post. Yesterday was a phenomenally difficult day for us and knowing that we had the support and love of the DWB community bolstered all of us (even brave and noble Booker) at every minute.

The Girl said...

We read about Booker on River's blog. We went over right away. The Girl didn't leak or anything, she just got mad and said mean things about the people in Booker's past. Now that the heat is gone, tears keep trickling down her cheeks. I've been licking them away. We are thinking of Booker and his family.