Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Nose Report

Hello everyone! Reporter Pei Bolo here for the Nose Report. (Daddy missed having the Nose Report on Tuesday, so here we are.) Today we have some of the world's most famous noses. I'd like to thank our guests for coming on, I know they have busy schedules.

Our first guest today is the River Hippopotamus. These guys are vegetarian, but they're also one of the most dangerous creatures in Africa, so be careful when you go nose kissing.
Our next guest is the African Elephant. You can tell it's an African Elephant because it's ears are shaped like Africa. That's what my Mom says anyway and I trust her. Now this guys has a GREAT nose. Even our littlest friends will be able to kiss that. He could even give Nose Cuddles! Doesn't that sound like the best of both worlds?

Meet the Mandarill. They have colourfull noses. This one look sad though, he must know we're coming to the end of the nose report. I have to start getting the DWB Noses in order apparently. Anyway, he has a nice nose, definitely kissable.

And finally there's me! Wait, no, too much water to be me. So it muct be the Pygmy Hippopotamus! Dad says about the only difference between us is that Pygmy Hippo lives in the water and I try not to go near the stuff. He can have it! I'll stay dry. But look at the nose!

Phew, there I am!

So that's the Nose Report for today, this is Reporter Pei Bolo signing off!

In other news, I forgot to mention that I went to Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle's Birthday this past Saturday, Charlie Daniels nominated me for a Photo of the Month on the DWB Bone Zone, I'll have to let you know when voting begins for that; and Mommy sprayed me with water and something to make the itchies go away. It worked, but I was NOT amused. (Mom here. Baking Soda and Water to ease the itches from the allergy/hives he got. Thank you Aunt Angela for recommending it.) You can see why it took me two days to remember all the stuff I did this weekend. I was SUPER BUSY! I miss my Grandma and Grandad though. Are you coming back soon?

Sniff ya later!


Sen and Tom said...

Hi Bolo! That's a great array of noses, but YOURS is the BEST!

In answer toy your question, we have no plans to add a pup to the family as well. But, fair's fair! I have a bunch of friends, including my 5-month old girlfriend, Damia, next door, and Pie, and I almost always go places with #1. But Sen-Chan is left home alone a lot so he deserves a kitten friend!

Your Pal,

Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Bolo

I am stoked to hear that you are getting better.



AB clan said...

Bolo ,
your nose's report is great!
You still win the nose contest!
Your Pal

The Girl said...

Nose cuddles! Bolo, I think we can do it, too! Just get the human in the right position, and we can cuddle AND do nose kisses!

I would hate being sprayed like that, too. But if it helps your itchies, then The Girl says it's worth it. Me, I have problems with connecting events with their consequences, so I doubt that one has anything to do with the other.

Brown dog kisses,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bolo!
Yes, I still think your nose is the best!
Glad to hear that sray is working!
Kisses and hugs

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

We always enjoy the nose reports. And really, the last hippo and you do favor each other!
BUT, your nose remains the most kissable!!!
Hugs and Hi 5s

Mango said...

The hippo looks totally smoochable! I think you have met your match.