Friday, May 9, 2008


They did mention my name and the word adventure this morning!!! I am a lucky, lucky Pei. Mom and Dad brought me to PetSmart’s Pet Hotel for Day Camp. Or so they told me. They said it would be some good “socialization” since I don’t have puppy sibs – and whose fault is that? Who am I to complain about an ADVENTURE!

Mommy had mentioned this adventure to me last night so I made sure to get Daddy up early – very early – so I could get my business taken care of and be ready to go when they said the word. No go. He went back to sleep. It was ok. I found a spot between the two of them and made sure Mommy got her daily cuddle ration with me. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

When they were finally awake, and dressed and ready to go out the door, I made sure to let them know they couldn’t forget me. Or my lovely travel food bowl, (courtesy of Grandma and Grandad), which they didn’t. Mom had even refilled it. She’s smart sometimes. And they thought I was only singing my excitement. I told you, I have a lot to say.

I lead Mommy inside the store when they opened the door for me. Just for me. I was waiting for the red carpet too, but it never materialized. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough. I had an Adventure to go on; I didn’t have time to wait. I made sure to say hello to both of the ladies at the desk, and they said hello as well. They really liked to pet me. Who am I to argue? I was a little reluctant to go with them, but Mommy was very encouraging and it was my ADVENTURE after all, not hers.

First things first, I got settled into my little room. Hmm, decent, spacious, I knew I wasn’t going to be there too long, and I wasn’t. Unfortunately, I was taken out to get my nails cut. Grr. Not my favourite activity, but it apparently needed to be done. Then I got to meet everyone and play and prowl, oh, socialize. That was the word of the day. They served a nice lunch and let me take care of business and then it was time for more socialization. Networking. Yeah, networking. I had time for a little snooze before Mom and Dad came to pick me up.

Now I’m back home and I have to make THEM feel guilty for leaving me there. I didn’t get near enough ear scratches. What’s a dog to do? The ear scratch quota was not met. MOM! Get your opposable thumbs over here!

THEY apparently went to see a movie. I tell you honestly, I think I got the better end of the deal. Sniff ya later!

(Note from Mom, I only called them once to see if he was behaving. The lady who answered gave a small sigh and I could almost see her smiling when she said Oh yes, he’s wonderful.)

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