Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not forgotten

No, I have not forgotten you my loyal readers! Mommy has needed me quite a bit. A lot of cuddling has been going on. And she cleaned my ears. More than ONCE! Grrr. It feels good but I don’t want her to know that it does. The foot tapping along is not a sign that I’m enjoying myself! Is she reading this? She’d better!

I had to go and rescue my Daddy from work on Friday. It’s a big job but some pei has to do it! I also had to do a lot of sniffing and barking and ok, I admit, I got a lot of good scratches yesterday too when Daddy’s friends came over. OH! And I went to PetSmart and sniffed a greyhound while he mooched cuddles from my Mommy. She’s a sucker for someone who needs an ear scratch.

Plans for the rest of the day: right now I’m looking out my window. Not 10 minutes ago Mommy and Daddy came into the backyard and I had to bark and say MINE MINE MINE from the bedroom window. I think I heard Daddy say something about a walk. Daddy? Daddy? Want to repeat that?

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