Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am Not!

Mom is calling me names again. This time it’s Drool Face. And she has evidence.

She’s always calling me names though. Puppykins appeared early on and thankfully is not often repeated. Pei-by (rhymes with Baby) is a particular favourite of mine actually, don’t tell her. Pudding-face and pumpkin head I can do without. Wrinkle butt is oddly appropriate but c’mon!

My registered name though is ANTMPTWTRAU Bolo. That acronym means: An Now They Must Prove Themselves Worthy To Remain Among Us, Bolo. I was named after a Chinese Martial Artist, Bolo Yeung. We kind of look alike. Kind of. Maybe. Anyway, Bolo Yeung played in Enter the Dragon with Bruce Li. He was the bad guy’s number one hench-dude. I’m Daddy’s number one hench-dude so there’s another similarity. Is my Daddy an evil mastermind? Do I have to answer that?

Sniff ya later!

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