Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Day, Another Ear Scratch

I had to look after THEM again last night. It’s a good thing I’m around; they wouldn’t know what to do without me. Mom left me to mind the house while she went to work yesterday afternoon. Then Dad came home and I gave him my report. They think I’m dancing around and excited to see them but I have lots of things to say.

Mom took me out for an extended patrol (walk) before she left. Lots of squirrels smell in the neighbourhood. Especially by the big evergreen trees near the little park. I’ll get them one day.

Wouldn’t you know it, it was raining last night. I don’t like the rain. For one thing, it’s wet. Second thing, it plays havoc with my patrol duties. Thirdly, it’s wet. I still did my patrols though; I just hurried them up a little bit.

Dad went to get Mom from work and I had to rush downstairs when she got home to give her my report. She was happy to see me. It was still raining outside but I did a quick patrol and then guarded the hall way for them. Just as I was settling down to guard the bedroom THEY start getting ready for bed.

Now at this point I’m sitting on what Dad thinks is HIS blanket. He really should know by now that all blankets belong to me. Mom showed him a trick for getting me off the blanket. She cleaned my ears. Now, I’m a good natured Pei, but I was just getting comfortable for dog’s sake! It did kind of feel good to clean that one itchy ear, but come on! Just because you want your silly blanket? I’ll never understand my people.

It’ll be another day like yesterday. Got to take care of Mom, she’s still sick so she’ll probably want cuddles. The sacrifices I make for them. Oh! Dad is out of the shower, I have to sit by the door until he comes out, just to make sure he didn’t drown. Sniff ya later.

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