Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another day another ear cleaning

SHE cleaned my ears. AGAIN! Just because Shar Peis have little itty bitty ear canals and are prone to ear infections does NOT mean I need my ear cleaned out everyday! That black gunk you keep taking out does mean it. Darn, I was hoping to win that argument.

To my doggy readers, have you ever noticed how the minute you get comfortable for your most current nap, THEY decide you need a hug, or a cuddle or something and come and disturb you? Yet when YOU want to play they just take your toy and throw it. So you bring it back and they throw it again. Snort And THEY think it's a game. How little THEY know.

I was outside this morning and didn't notice Mommy came outside with the camera. She caught me. Darn it. Uhm, what I meant to say was I posed very regally for this picture. Yeah, yeah, that's what I meant!

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