Monday, May 19, 2008

I’m exhausti-pei-ted!

What an adventure! I knew something was up on Friday when Mommy and Daddy were carrying around bags full of clothes. But then Mommy said Bolo’s bag is packed. I know those words! They mean ADVENTURE!

It wasn’t the best adventure for a bit there, too much stop and go stuff in the car, finally I lay down so I wouldn’t hurl my kibble all over the car. Mommy doesn’t like it when I do that. I perked up when we slowed down and we stopped so I could sniff things. I met a group of dogs on their way to a fly ball show. I wished them good luck!

Back in the car we went and I lay down again. I might have slept but I’m not saying. I perked up again when we started going slower. I knew this road! We slowed again and turned a corner. Yup! I knew this road! Two more time we slowed down to take corners. After the last one I started singing I was so excited!

My cousin Kaya (pronounced like kayak without the last K) met me when I got out of the car! I was at Granny’s house! Kaya is a 2 year old Portugeuse Water Dog

Kaya, picture by Mommy

and her sister is Tia, a 12 year old miniature schnauzer who Granny and Gandpaw rescued.

Tia, picture by Mommy

Kaya and I played lots of games. I like the Sniff my Butt game myself. But we played “jump” and “wrestle” and “I can drink more water than you”. Ah, good times. We also compared bug bites. I got some on my nose and my bum. Ow.

The nest day Mommy and I went adventuring on our own, leaving Daddy behind. We were back in the car and I might have slept again – but I was up during the night making sure I wasn’t missing anything. When Mommy let me out of the car I saw a bunch of really big squirrels! (Mummy calls them llamas – I don’t know about that). And my Grandma and Grandad were there too! All this because Grandad wanted to take my picture!

Darnit I look good! Picture by Grandad

Me again, still looking good! Picture by Grandad

Here I am practicing for Earth Dog trails. Too bad they only let in terriers. Picture by Grandad.

I made sure to snuffle his ear to say thank you. Grandma didn’t want her ear snuffled, that’s ok, I still love her too. Oh, Mommy did a funny thing. She was giving me my food and opened the travel bowl up on the wrong side and half my food went flying all over the parking lot! I did my best to clean up some of it.

Eventually Mommy and I went back into the car and drove some more. When we got out again there was Granny! We surprised her at work and I got to sniff all the flowers at the plant place! Mommy wouldn’t let me pee on them though. Oh well.

When we got back to the house, Mommy and I had a nap. Oh it was a lovely nap! Then Daddy was home and I had to tell him all about my adventures!

After a long dark sleep, Kaya and I played some more. Mommy and Daddy left me with Granny, which is ok, but I wanted to go with them! They said they could hear me all the way up the hill! Mommy came back smelling like my other cousin Zoe, a 12 year old standard poodle.

Zoe, picture by Mommy

I’m not allowed to play with her since I rolled her to the ground last year. Granny and Granpaw took me outside to help them plant their garden. Kaya and Tia didn’t need their harness and leash, but I get one because Grandpaw says I’m a city dog and nobody wants me to go off following the black and white country kitties with the stinky stuff.

Me again! Picture by Mommy

Then Mommy came back and we had a nap together! Kaya and I played inside for a bit too, but outside is so much fun, except when it started to rain. Then Daddy came home and I got to nap with him too! I’m their Napping Buddy. It’s an important job you know.

After another long dark sleep we got back in the car and came home. I missed my backyard. It’s not big like Kaya’s but it’s MINE, and that’s important to me. I’m probably going to have to sleep for a few days. THEY call it a vacation. Me? It was work!

Aww, now why did she upload this one? Picture by Mommy.

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