Monday, June 14, 2010

Amazing Noseventures!

FINALLY! Sunday went by WAY too slowly. I've been SO excited to tell you all about my most AMAZING Noseventure on Saturday.

So, as I said, Mom pack up my lunch, then called the Petshotel to say I would not be going in. THis confused me greatly. Packing my lunchbox usually means a trip to Day Care. This time Mom and Dad packed us all up into the car and off we went!

We went TIME TRAVELLING! Is that cool or what!

That's Dad and I in front of a house from the 1860's or so. It was just a stopover before our finally destination. Time travel is a very delicate thing you know. We can't break the time/space continum or we'll all disappear. Or something like that anyway. We didn't stop in the 19th Century for too long, but I did try and make friends with some of the locals. I thought they were Shar Peis actually, but then they got a little closer and I discovered they weren't!

I REALLY wanted to bring one home, but they weren't interested.

Flat Pappy (who came with us) also wanted one. Even a flat version would have been nice he said, but they weren't interested.

Finally we arrived at out nifty neat o destination!

A Medieval Fair!

Time Travelling is SO much fun. I'll post more tomorrow!

Sniff ya later!


Mango said...

That is some noseventure. I like those pig dogs. I would want one too.


Lola said...

Oooh, we can't wait for more of this noseventure! Looks quite fascinating.

wags, Lola

Ruby and Penny said...

Quite and adventure Bolo!!
Love Ruby & Penny

hero said...

Great noseventure, Bolo... looking forward to check out the Medieval Fair!

Licks, hero