Monday, June 7, 2010

Not My Fault Monday

I'd like to start off my post for today by saying IT'S NOT MY FAULT! Mom even has pictures to prove it!

There I was settling down for a nice nap in a sunbeam when SOMEONE - who shall remain nameless, but you can see my evidence below - started pulling my tail! Now I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like having my tail pulled!

So I growled and Mom went all NO!

How come -I- in my innocence at not wanting my tail pulled get into trouble? It's NOT FAIR!
So I spent the rest of the day in a sulk. Mom kept the two of us apart, but HE hogged her ALL DAY and I barely got any huggles or cuddles or ear scratches.
If it wasn't my fault, why did I get punished by not getting cuddles and huggles and ear scratches? Can someone tell me?

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess From Mom - The NO was for Puppy, and Bolo didn't sulk all day, he had to patrol the yard, grab a nap and he did get some huggles, cuddles and ear scratches - just not enough to suit him.


Mango said...

Oh Bolo! See? She said she was yelling at Puppy, not you. Puppy is mobile now and that means you will have to find good hideouts where he cannot pull your tail.


Lola said...

See, Mom understood and will train puppy to behave with you. In the meantime, try to do this: Instead of growling when you're being tortured, whine a lot, cry a bit. This way there's no misunderstanding your intentions, but your discomfort will still be noted by management.

wags, Lola

hero said...

Perhaps puppy wants to play with you, Bolo... I think this is the start of a playmate in the making :)

Licks, hero

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Did we read somewhere that 'Pei tails are particularly delicate and should be handled only minimally?

Protect that tail, Bolo!

Lois Lane/Laney said...

When they were living with us, I had to growl a couple times at my little cousin whenever she got too close to my treats. She gets way more yummier-smelling food than I do.
Before long, Puppy will learn how to behave with you and you wont have to give him warnings!

Martin said...


Being a big brother comes with a lot of responsibilities, a lot of abuse and very little thanks. I have a little sister, and the stories I could tell you would curl your tail!


Fred said...

Poor Bolo! Puppies can be scary, huh?

the booker man said...

aww, i'm sorry bolo! i bet it was startling to have puppy pull your tail. but your mama was not upset with you. she was just telling puppy no! so don't be sad, okie dokie?
the booker man