Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Amazing Noseventures!

So, like I said yesterday, we went TIME TRAVELLING!

Dad is so lucky he can dress the part isn't he? He made that armour, isn't it pretty? I snoopervised of course, because that's what Shar Peis do!

There was SO much to sniff there, as you can well imagine.

Oh FlatPappy! What did you find?

That looks pretty cool. What is it?

A ballista! Way cool! No, Mom says we can't bring it home, there isn't enough room in the trunk. Not with Puppy's Caddilac anyway, that think takes up a TON of room.

We also had fun storming the castle.

I'm so glad Daddy is on our team.

More stuff tomorrow!

Sniff ya later!



Oh Wow Bolo!! How exciting. Looks like you had a great time. WE have the Renaisance Festival here every year when its cooler but I've never gotten to so.

Boy Puppy sure is getting BIG. You should pull his tail soemtime!!

I've missed your handsome face.


Lola said...

That does look like a great time. I heard the Moms talking about going to Medieval Times for Alpha Mom's birthday late in this summer, but I have a strong feeling that I wouldn't be allowed in so I'm not so sure they should go. This is much better. You get to go and storm the castle and stuff. Looking forward to even more stuff!

wags, Lola