Friday, January 2, 2009

Eight days, one of them sad.

On the eigth day of Peimas Bolo gives to you:
Eight barks of Warning!
Seven chunks of Rollover,
Six cookies chased,
Five gobs of drool!
Four dirty paws,
Three tail wags
Two expressive ears
and a Nose Kiss just for you!

It's been a rough day here. My owie still hurts. I DID end up at the V-E-T. Doctor Ives was really nice though but she did prick my owie to see if it was pus filled, which it is NOT. So I have some antibiotics to help get rid of it. I'm staying really close to Mom and Dad so they can comfort me.

Not just because of my owie either. My buddy Sen-Chan at The Pouponette crossed the bridge today. I'm going to miss the little guy. He always had such great adventures. Tom, Tama-chan, #1, we're all thinking about you at our house. Pei snuffles for you.

Run free Sen-chan.


Petey said...

Hi Bolo,

We too are just heart-broken with the news of Sen-Chan's passing. Mommy met him just a few weeks ago in France and just fell in love with his elegant demeanor.

He was a little cat who will leave a big hole in our blogosphere and our hearts.

Your pal,


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

Thank you, sweet Bolo, for your kind words.I am still reeling from what happened today, and not quite grasping that Sen-Chan is gone, but the kindness all our blogging friends are showing brings much comfort with it.



Hi Bolo,

I am so sorry your kitty friend has gone to the bridge. Sorry you got an owie...I could come over and give it a kiss if it would make you feel better.

I just wanted to let you know that the Mommy is gonna do my DWB friends playing in the snow post Sunday. I sure would like to have you on that post. If you want to be in it send me a picture at the e-mail address on my bloggey.

Be good...Love...Mona

Maggie and Mitch said...

We didn't know Sen-Chan but we ache for his family and friends who loved him.
We hope your tootsie feels better soon, Bolo!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch