Sunday, January 11, 2009

Uh oh.

So, uhm, things didn't work out as planned yesterday. I did get quite a number of cuddles, but not enough to head off another allergic reaction to something.

Mom and Dad noticed my face going red at about 10:00 yesterday morning and a call was placed to the V-E-T. No, I didn't have to go in. Mom just checked to see if I could take Benadryl with my antibiotic and apparently I could. Darn it. I hate taking pills.

So, for those that don't recognize allergy face in a shar pei, this is from my first major allergy attack. When I originally posted this picture, not everyone could see the redness so Mom used Paint Shop to show you this:
Anywhere you see red on my face/nose, that's where I was itchy. Yeah, pretty nasty eh? Yeah, same thing happened yesterday. So down goes the Benadryl and Mommy sprays me with the same stuff she sprayed me with last time. (Baking Soda and Water.) I hate getting sprayed. Needless to say with Mommy doing all these thigns to me, she did NOT get a lot of cuddles.

Then last night before going to bed, Daddy rinsed me with water. That takes place in a BATH for those of you not in the know. So I decided to barf on Mommy's pillow. She was too quick for me and I ended up barfing in the barf bucket. Sigh. I hope I feel better today.

So it looks like it could be something in my cookies. Sigh. So I won't be getting any for a while. Whimper. I'll keep you all updated on how I'm doing ok?

Sniff ya later.


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

Oh Bolo, we are so sorry to hear about this, especially if it involves cookies! #1 saw when she was in England that there are some hypo-allergenic cookies, so maybe that is what you need.

Anyway, we hope you are 100% better soon and we wanted to say a big thank you to you and your family for being such good friends to us.

Woofs & Purrs,
Tom and Tama-Chan (and #1 too!)

Mango said...

You are such a sensitive guy all getting itchy face and everything. Hope you feel better soon.

I like your gigantic header photo.


P.S. I will tell you a secret. Sometimes momma recycles Mango photos on my bloggy without telling when she gets too lazy.

AB clan said...

poor Bolo ; i hope your allergy doesn't stay too long, did you got extra food from holidays time?
Your Pals
ViVi & AB

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bolo!
I am so sorry you are suffering that allergic attack!
Better not having treats until you feel better!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Dannan and The Girl said...

Bolo, we're so sorry that you're so itchy! That picture of your face (even the original one) shows how awful you must feel! Get better soon, my furend.

I hope it's not an allergy to something in the cookies. My Min Pin Lexi has lots of allergies, and it took a really long time to figure out some safe things for her to eat. It would be good if it's something in your cookies, though, because then your Mom can find you cookies that don't have that ingredient in them.

Best of luck, my furend. Feel better soon!
Brown dog nudges,