Saturday, January 3, 2009


For the ninth pei of Christmas, Bolo gave to you:
Nine destuffed squirrels!
Eight barks of Warning!
Seven chunks of Rollover,
Six cookies chased,
Five gobs of drool!
Four dirty paws,
Three tail wags
Two expressive ears
and a Nose Kiss just for you!

Hmmm, maybe I should have said Nine destuffed snowmen. This was a stuffie Aunt Sharon and Uncle Marty got my fro Christmas. If you want to see me destuff it, look at this post here I think a few people may have missed it because it was during the "holidays". It's my first video appearance though so I need to plug it again. Pei laughter.

My owie is getting better. Thank you Doctor Ives for taking such good care of me. Cyber nose kisses to you. And thank you Mom and Dad for taking care of me too. Do you think maybe there could be a few more cuddles and ear scratches though? Pei giggles.

Sniff ya later all.


Mango said...

Good thing your owie is better. I watched that action video of you again. You have some real talent there, dude.


AB clan said...

I hope you got plenty of toys for new year, you are an as to destuff.
ViVi & AB