Thursday, January 29, 2009

More snow

We had a LOT more snow yesterday. So much so that I was starting to worry about Mommy. It took her over an HOUR to get home, a drive of 15 kilometers. Then we she came home I was SO excited I needed to pee. You know how it is. So Mommy opened the door and I had NO STEPS to go down into my backyard. I knew they were there though so I hesitantly stepped down to where I knew the first step was, then the second and WHOMP! Up to my boy bits in snow. WAH! It's hard to pee when your boy bits are in the snow you know. So I got myself up the apparently non-existant stairs and peed. Let me tell you I did NOT want to go back out again later, but I needed to because when you have to pee, you HAVE to PEE!

Here's a picture Mom took of me Tuesday. It's hard to believe it was so sunny Tuesday and yucky and snowy and I didn't want to go out yesterday. It's a little too early to tell how it's going to be today, but Mom says COLD. I think I'll stay inside with a warm blanket.

Sniff ya later!


AB clan said...

Hi Bolo,

Too much snow to play around? Cold is back here too. I love napping in a warm blanket....

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Good grief! Boy bits in snow?! That must been a real challenge, Bolo. You're very brave!

Your Pal,

Nibbles Treats said...

Ha! Try being a miniature daschund and trying to go pee. I've become a deck pee-er and pooper! It is deeper than I am tall!

Hang in there!
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Mango said...

Careful, because if you pee with your bits in the snow you could get a backfire or something. I hope you were able to find your stairs.