Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Morning Report

It's still very early on Monday morning, but I want to get my report out then head back to cuddle Mom and Dad. Today is Labour Day here in Canada, which means it's a Statutory Holiday. That means most Moms and Dads are on vacation today! For me, that means oodles of cuddles!

I did a LOT of snoopervising this weekend. On Saturday there was Dad to snoopervise - he was putting up shelving, then I had to snoopervise Mom's Nap (Dad napped too) then the putting in of the Car Seat (I'm not sure about the Car Seat thing, it's too wierd for me to use, I never had one as a puppy. At least they didn't block me from my favorite window.) Then there was an Adventure with Dad!

I LOVE Adventures with Dad!
Dad is great to go Adventuring with because we can talk about all sorts of boy things that Mom doesn't understand, like peeing on trees. Mom only wishes she could pee on trees, I'm sure. We came back from our Adventure and then Mom and Dad blocked off all my escape routes and asked me nicely to jump in the bathtub - which I did. I have my dignity you know, I don't need to get tossed into the tub, even though I dislike bathes. I was so brave, luckily THEY recognized this and I got cuddles.

Sunday I had to snoopervise more cleaning, more naps, more Adventures and then THEY cornered me and stuck goop in my ears! I feel like I spent half the night shaking goop out of my ears! They could have a least warmed it up a bit. Cold goop in your ears is no fun!

Not sure what THEY have planned for this morning, but if I head back to bed right now, I'm pretty sure I can get in a Bolo Cuddle Sandwich! Gotta go!

Sniff ya later!


Noah the Airedale said...

G'day Bolo mate,
That's a great photo of you buddy. Looks like you're doing a very good supervising job. Gotta keep an eye on these pinkies. It's up to us to make sure they do the right thing.



Hi Bolo!!

My Mommy has been home with me for 3 whole days and she's off tomorrow too!! We are in the country with Dachsies Rule so thats 6 of us winnie dogs in one spot. We stay outside as much as we can until it gets dark and would stay outside until bedtime BUT when it gets dark the snakes come out and we are
forced to come inside.

Wish you was here with us.


Happy Labor Day!!

hero said...

Hi Bolo,

Hope you get your cuddle sandwich on the day off... and not to mention extra treats for being such a good boy taking a bath. Tell mom and dad cold goop is like having ice cubes down their clothes.

Licks, hero