Thursday, September 3, 2009


So I had a huge nap to snoopervise for Mom yesterday. That's the fun part about her having a puppy, she naps a lot more. Which means I also get cuddled more. Here I am preparing for my duties as Napping Buddy:

It's a tough job but somepuppy has to do it.

Mom and Dad took me out on a Noseventure last night! We went off to PetSmart and said Hello to all my girlfriends at the Hotel! They haven't seen me in a while so you know, I have to show up to make sure they all know what I look like and everything. I also got mega cuddles from the two trainers that were there - one of them was MY trainer - Tanya! I hadn't seen her in FOREVER! I showed her how well I can sit and she gave me a treat I'm not suppoed to have. Gotta love her.

Not sure what Mom has planned for today, I'm sure there will be a nap involved somewhere, so after I finish this post, I'll get a little snooze in so I'm ready to be a good Napping Buddy.

Sniff ya later!


Ruby and Penny said...

Enjoy your napping Bolo.
Love Ruby & Penny

Chloe and Libby said...

Hope you and your mommy get some good napping in!

dewdana said...

Good job, Bolo! It looks like you had gotten a head start when mom took the pic! Very sweet!