Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Morning Report

I'm trying to encourage Mom to get her butt in gear this morning and take me for a walk. Dad has already left for work, so it doesn't look like I'll be going on an Adventure with him. Humph. Yesterday was much better when the three of us were home together, in my opinion.

So, here's my I Need An Adventure Face:

Is that not the face of a suffering Adventure Deprived Pei? I'd say it was.

Oh, and Mom, don't forget to bring the camera.

On a side note, THEY woke me up this morning by pei-handling me into a Bolo Cuddle Sandwich! Does it get any better?

Sniff ya later!


Mango said...

Good luck getting your walkies. I am sure you will both enjoy it.



Hope you get your walkies today.
We was gonna sleep all day since we is so tired from our trip -- Mommy don't gotta go back work until tomorrow -- but now she gotta leave me home because we got some bad news last night. As you have said many times there's nothing better than a cuddle with a Mommy or Daddy.

Bolo...I gotta have a picture of you with flowers for my spotlight doggie with flowers. Can you get your Mom to take a pic to send to me? You did such a good job when spring started peeping over the fence to help me look for flowers.


Brownie said...

Bolo, how can they resist your adowable look?! Hope you have a super fun walkie.

hero said...

Hi Bolo,

With that face, how can anyone not take you for an adventure... well at least you get the bolo cuddle sandwich.

Licks, hero

dewdana said...

Oh that is quite some face! Moose will go get his collar when he wants walkies (if he is not already wearing it) and it is impossible to decline when he is standing there with his collar in his mouth! You should give that a try! If you always wear your collar maybe you could bring the leash! Works every time!
Moose + Dana

Lorenza said...

Did you have your walkie-adventure??
I hope so!
Kisses and hugs