Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rainy Day Tuesday

It's raining here at my house. So I'm posting a picture from my Birthday Party to remind me what sunshine looks like.

Or, I guess, sunshine on my nose. Pei laughter.

There were lots of cuddles for me yesterday, including a midnight Bolo Cuddle Sandwich. Ahhhh, that's the life. I'm hoping there will be more cuddles today too, so far, it's looking really good on the cuddle forecast.

Not much else to say folks, I'd better go check on Mom, she might be napping without me!

Sniff ya later!


Brownie said...

Bolo, I hope you get a million cuddles today!

Sally said...

There may be a shortage of sunshine but definitely not cuddles! Hope the weather improves and you found your Mom napping and joined her!

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy