Friday, December 18, 2009

Part 3 - Pei on Patrol

For those who are regular readers, you know that I didn't get a chance to write on Tuesday and Wednesday so Mom owed me some blog time. You can find Part 1 and Part 2 at those linkies. Mom fell asleep before she could help me with Part 3 so I get TWO posts today. So, here it is, Part 3!

I had to be Mr. Super Protective Pei yesterday. First off, there were my normal sentry duties, making sure the back door and the front door are protected. Then I had to guard Puppy while Mom was in the shower - still don't know WHY she'd want to get wet so often, BLECH!. Then someone came to the door! It was Dad's Aunt Leslie, and my Great Granny and Dad's Cousin Margaret!

No pictures, Mom was asleep at the switch there. SHEESH! I made sure to tell our guests that this is my house but once everyone was all settled I made sure they all got snuffles. Aunt Leslie and Margaret were VERY enthusiastic recipients. Margaret even let me cuddle with her for a bit - I was ALMOST sitting in her lap. Mom is the only other person who thinks I'm a lapdog - Pei Laughter.

It was really too bad that they had to leave. Mom says Margaret will come back. WOHOO! Hopefully Mom will have the camera out of it's little bag and get some pictures!

I'm not done yet! Grandma and Grandad came over last night! I had to let them know that this was my house and then I rubbed up against their knees. They have very strategically placed knees for head rubbing. Grandad also gives GREAT ear scratches. Sigh, they had to leave too.

At that point though Mom went up to bed and I jumped up and curled up right behind her knees, just so she'd know I was there and protecting her from anything and everything.

I'm just exhausti-pei-ted today. But there are guarding duties to be done. The backyard and the front door need constant monitoring you know.

Sniff ya later!


hero said...

All those exhausting protective duty from a pei should be rewarded with plenty of warm cuddles and ear scratches... that's the rule of the house, right?

Licks, hero

Chloe and Libby said...

Wow!!!Bolo, seems your pei guarding duties are getting more and more. You must be really good at guarding, and sounds like you are an awesome big brother for the puppy to learn a thing or two from.
Have a good weekend, and I hope you get lots of cuddles. My mommy is off work this weekend so I have some cuddling to catch up on too!

pam said...

Bolo you are such a65 Pei!!! My babies are always on sentry duty too. And they vie for location in back of my knees when we sleep! (not too easy for a 35 and 65 lb puppy.)