Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thinking Thursday

Mom says I'm getting visitors today but she won't tell me who. Darn her. I even tried to cuddle it out of her, no good. Sigh. It was nice to couch cuddle with her though, Puppy was asleep in his thing and it was just Mom and I. I need more Mom and I time. I also need more Dad and I time. Like last night, Dad and I took a Noseventure! WOHOO! Noseventures rule. I'm not sure if I want Puppy and I time, he doesn't do much of anything except fart. I do snuffle him sometimes though, just to see if he does anything else that's interesting, so far, nothing.

Anyway, here's my Thursday Thinking:

I think it's raining out.

I think I'm going upstairs to nap.

Sniff ya later!


dewdana said...

hee hee you are funny Bolo! Keep snuffling puppy I bet soon he will start wearing and dispensing food! Glad you got some couch time :-) You deserve it good boy!

Biggie-Z said...

Ha! dewdana took the words right out of my jaws! Just think: vienna suasages, cheesy goldfish crackers, and cheerios! yum!

Chloe and Libby said...

It's good you had some quality time with your mommy and daddy. I bet the puppy gets alot more interesting as he gets bigger.