Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fun and Excitment!

Mommy found something exciting for me to do!

I will be taking part in the 2008 Summer Paw-Limpic Games!

I think maybe I have a chance in the Track events, wrestling, sleeping and making a mess categories. Not too sure about the pee mail one though. I'm not going ANYWHERE NEAR the swimming events. No, I'll leave those for dogs who actually ENJOY the water. Anyway, Mommy and Daddy will be helping me train. And Mommy took Lenny's flag and made me one of my own, I hope you don't mind Lenny.

Can I change that to Louder, Wrinklier, Droolier? Daddy? What's latin for Wrinklier?

I've also put in my application to be Bone (Torch) Carrier! I'm so excited!

OH! OH! Mommy wants a golf shirt made up with the logo! She wants it to say Trainer - Canadian Paw-Limpics Team Summer 2008. She said she'd wear it to work! Gotta love my Mom! She's always encouraging me to do fun things. Sniff ya later everypuppy, I have to go train!

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