Monday, June 9, 2008

Hi Granny!

I went to go and visit Daddy's Granny today! She's always so happy to see me! But then again, who isn't!

First things first, we took Daddy to work, always important if you want to be kept in squeakies and kibble. The Mommy and I came back to eat breakfast at home - and re-energize with a quick nap. Oh, and while we were in the car, Daddy noticed our neighbour in the car next to us so THEY waved and she waved back, then Mommy inched the car up so I could wave. Not sure why the neighbour laughed at me. But I did wave - well, pant anyway.

After a quick nap, we went Adventureing! I made sure that Granny's perimeter was safe and marked as mine before we went up tot he door. Granny gave me a nice ear scratch when I walked in the door. I did a quick scan, but it was just me. Sometimes there are other doggies visiting. So I had to follow Granny around until she put down a bowl of water for me. She's nice like that. Gotta love her. She even opens her screen door and lets me run around in the backyard. I didn't do that today, I just stood on the back porch and watched the world revolve around me. It does that sometimes you know. In case you were wondering.

I made sure before we left that Granny had gotten nose kisses and a snuffle or two. Her house is safe, I sniffed almost everything - I'm not allowed in Granny's bedroom, so I didn't check there. Granny gives good scratches. And she's not in your face like some of the little children in my neighbourhood. I like that about her. Anyway, I'm all exhaustipated again. Wish Mommy had brought her camera, I would have liked a picture of Granny and I together. I tried to tell her but nooooo, she thought I was just excited. Oh well, it gives me an excuse to go back. Sniff ya later!

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