Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is it Tuesday?

I lost track of my days there for a minute. Apparently it's Tuesday. Tuesday is Softball Day! It was raining earlier today when mommy was out doing her thing and I was having my morning snooze. I hope it drys out because I want to go and help Daddy's softball team win! I think I'll drool on the other team's bats today and see if that helps MY team.

In other EXCITING news: My friend Charlie Daniels sent me this!

Thank you Charlie! Mommy added it to the sidebar of my blog. And she redid my banner. I like it. That's a good picture of me. I was visiting Granny and Grandpaw when Mommy took that picture! Now I have to figure out something to send to Charlie. Mommy says I have an excess of drool. I'm sure Charlie can handle his own drool Mommy. I'll have to think, and ask Daddy. Daddy's really smart, he'll come up with something.

Oh, apparently I have to pass this along now. Charlie has his, I know Charlie sent one to Oorvi, but I think I'll send one too, and to Maggie and Mitch - Mommy has a funny story about being french kissed by an Airedale you might enjoy guys, I wasn't there so I can't tell it.

OH! Mommy just shared her idea of what I can send to Charlie with me. She's a genius! I need an adventure now to go and implement it. Move it Mommy! Adventure awaits! Sniff ya later!


Charlie Daniels said...

Oh you don't have to send me anything ... you deserved your award ... enjoy it! :-)



Anonymous said...

Hi Bolo,

Thanks:) I've updated my blog with the award.


Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG, another award! Thank you so much, Bolo! We are so honored!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch