Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's been a busy weekend!

Friday was a busy day.

It started with a wake up from Mommy and a quick trip to check the perimeter. All’s well. Then Mommy took me adventuring so I could check the larger perimeter. All’s well. Then I was allowed to nap with my bone. Mommy came home – I’d like to say I hadn’t noticed when she left but her fingers are longer than mine and she can reach into my bone and push out leftover treats from inside, so yes, I do notice when she’s not around. Anyway, Mommy came home and normally we go and rescue Daddy from work. But she said Daddy didn’t NEED rescuing. How he could not NEED a rescue from Me, I don’t know, but I did voice my displeasure and got lots of cuddles from Mommy to make up for it. So I settled done with a bone.

Then Daddy came home! I did my dance of joy and let him know that I missed him and that he really SHOULD have called me to rescue him, because that’s my job and I get great satisfaction from doing that. He huggled me though and that’s very important to a pei like me.

Then I noticed that SHE was getting the camera ready. Since I’m her most favourite subject at the moment, and sometimes I actually don’t MIND being her subject, I thought maybe we were going adventuring again. HA! I was RIGHT!

We ended up at Aunt Leslie’s! And I saw my cousin Gabe. He’s a 12 year old yellow lab and Mommy says to be gentle because the Rainbow Bridge is calling to him but he’s not ready to let go just yet. She made sure to give him lots of love and kisses and so did I.

I also saw my Granny! Oh, I should say that I stay in my kennel while THEY eat because that way Daddy’s niece and nephew don’t run me over.

We got home late and I fell asleep right away.

This morning we had more adventures! Daddy’s Mommy came to visit and I got to give her ooddles of kisses! She likes to smush my nose.

Daddy’s Daddy helped them bring stuff in from outside – Mommy will write later about that – which means I had to sulk in the kitchen.

Now I’m exhaustipeited again. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Sniff ya later!

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