Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Rain

Wouldn't you know it, the softball game was rained out yesterday. Sigh. That's ok. It means I got to spend time with my pawrents; and Mommy made sure I still got an adventure. We went to PetSmart. It's right across the street, I can see it from my front door so if it started to rain we'd still be ok to walk home.

Mommy picked up some Rollover for me - because we were running out - and I got to see one of my most favoritest people in the world: TANYA! Tanya was our teacher when I went to puppy school. Mommy says she was also my predescessor's teacher when he went to puppy school (more on him at a later date.)That's me in the hat, Tanya is in blue and Mommy is in green. This picture is wow, over a year old now because I've been with Mommy and Daddy for more than two years. WOW.

Well that was yesterday. Today, it's grey and rainy and Mommy decided to take a little nap. So I cuddled up at her shoulder and took one too. She likes having a napping buddy. Eventually she got up. But I didn't, and she was able to catch me in deep schnooze mode. That's Daddy's pillow I'm sleeping on.

That's about it for me I think. Maybe I can convince Mommy to come back and cuddle me for a bit longer. If not, then I might go outside for a perimeter check and a munch of food. Sniff ya later!


Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG, you live across the street from PetSmart?! You're so lucky, Bolo! We'd want to be there every single day!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Charlie Daniels said...

That's a bummer about softball. I'm missing lots of soccer due to the rain too!

Doesn't it drive you crazy having PetSmart across the street?