Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Adventures!

Not only did I get adventures yesterday, but I got adventures today!

First of all yesterday, Saturday, I got to go to Dad's Granny's house! I like going to Granny's house. It smells so different for my house. She doesn't have a puppy, but she puppy sits my cousin Tia every now and then, and another cousin who I've never met called Stokey, also a miniature schnauzer like Tia. THEN... yes, the adventures never end around me - THEN we went to rescue Mommy at WORK! Oh boy! That was so much fun!

Today, I got an adventure with Mommy in the morning, then a nap while she was off at work. Out of the blue, late this afternoon, Mommy says "Are you ready?" I was ready! I'm always ready! Not sure what I'm ready for.... but I'm ready for it! Out we go into the car! It's a car adventure! Car adventures are fun, we always go to interesting places.

So we ended up at the ice cream place where Mommy treated Daddy to a blizzard. Not sure why they wanted more snow, we had enough of it this winter, but hey, that means I got to sniff all sorts of fun stuff! And hey, that's WAY more important than ice cream. Now it's time for a nap. I need to conserve energy for the next adventure. You never know when the next one will come along. Sniff ya later!

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