Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm the cheering section!

Daddy had an adventure today and I was invited! He played softball after work. He even came home to get me so I could cheer him and his coworkers on. I brought HER along to be my roadie.

There's part of MY team. Daddy is WAY at the back in the blue shirt and black shorts. Not the one you can see, the one WAY WAY at the back.

I have my own fanclub. Tayah (not sure how to spell that) took me for a walk to investigate before the game started. She was very happy to see me. So were her two sisters. I was much more interactive than a silly softball game. There was even a young gentleman there from Germany who came especially to see me. What? Mommy says that's a lie, he came to work here and seeing me is just a big bonus. Well, or course it's a bonus!

Daddy called this picture JAWS, but I'm note sure why. He even gave it some theme music - duh duh; duh duh; duhduhduhduh... I don't get it.

Here's me waiting my turn at bat. Mummy and Daddy LOVE this picture. I do look pretty handsome there don't I?

It started to rain pretty hard so my roadie (Mommy) bundled me up and got me back to the car while we waited for the game to finish. It didn't look like it at first, but Daddy's team won 15-14. YAY! I think that's because -I- was cheering them on. Sniff ya later!

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