Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thank You Thursday

Aunt Sharon and Uncle Marty sent us - Yes, US - a basket to welcome Puppy. All of us got treats in the basket - including ME!

A nifty magnet for one thing......

.....and cookies!
Thank you Aunt Sharon and Uncle Marty!

Psst, Rumour has it Aunt Sharon and Uncle Marty are coming to visit ME! I'll keep you updated.

Sniff ya later!


Fred said...

You get presents when your parents have a puppy?! I might have to rethink this whole "non bebes" policy.

Ruby and Penny said...

What a cool magnet Bolo
Love Ruby & Penny

Pippa said...

Oh good one. Presents are lovely aren't they. And you deserve them for supervising and protecting your new puppy. Congrats to your mom and dad for the pup.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bolo thats a very grate magnit and the wurds on it are very troo sumtimes I do stop to think and then... um... wut wuz we talkin bout?

Yer pal Dozer

dewdana said...

Yum... those cookies look good even for humans! I guess I should eat some lunch ;-) It sure was nice of them to put some stuff for the puppy in with the basket they sent you.

Mango said...

Well of course they are coming to visit YOU. They must have looked very hard to find a Sharpie magnet just for YOU.