Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Morning Report

Sorry we're a bit late on the Monday Morning Report gang, but I've had to snoopervise Mommy's sleeping. She's doing very well, but I think I'll try and encourage a nap this afternoon. Daddy looked like he needed a nap this morning too but he went off to work like he normally does. He really should have come back to bed with me after he let me outside to do my thing. I did hear him say that he wished he could. Maybe tomorrow he will.

Mom and Dad keep saying I'm such a smart boy and such a brave boy. Why? Well, because I am. Pei laughter. Daddy let me go outside last night before we all started getting ready for bed and I did my little thing and then came back in and headed upstairs. Only to find all the bedroom doors closed and the only place I could go was the B A T H-room. I stood at the door and gave a really long sigh and then got myself into the B A T H, all by myself. Then I stood there and used my Truely Pathetic Face to see if THEY would relent. THEY didn't. Drat. So I got a B A T H. I have to admit, they did dry me off with the macho Pirate towel (see bath post 1 and bath post 2 from last year).

It wasn't all that bad a weekend though, I also got Noseventures - and made my Mom's Birthday special by cuddling up to her on Saturday. I hope I get a Noseventure today because I thought I saw some new neighbours in the Little Farm Beyond the Fence. I think I should go welcome them. After I finish my morning nap though. Pei laughter!

Sniff ya later!


Moose said...

Ooooh Bolo you are Brave! Especially for a non-water loving pei! I love water and there is no way I would do that on my own! I am not sure I would call getting into such a dreadful predicament 'smart' though... I guess the humans see it that way. Everytime I find myself leashed to the fence and getting lathered up (Mooses don't fit in bath tubs!)I kick myself for being so stupid and letting myself get caught!
Anyway, I am glad you survived and did not melt! Plus I guess it is nice to impress your people from time to time!
p.s. The only one slower than my momma in getting out of bed this morning was me! We hate Mondays around here!

Chloe and Libby said...

I had to get a BATH last weekend Bolo, must be something in the water, you think? I hate getting a BATH! I shiver, and my mommy still makes me do it anyway!
Glad you had a good weekend with your pawrents! Your mommy's birthday was Saturday, my mommy felt bad cause she forgot all about it, I told her maybe next time.
Hugs and kisses to ya big guy,
Love Chloe